Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I did it... Sooooo "Kewl"

I have cased a gorgeous card from Dawn Griffith (Dawn's Stamping Studio) and managed to do a cute one using My Digital Studio (MDS) Only!!!  Really Kewl!
  1. Click on "add Stamp" and pick your stamp (The big Flower from the Vintage Flower set) ~ ok
  2. Change Colour to "White" ~ ok
  3. Click on "drop Shadow"
  4. Change Opacity to 100% and the Blur to Full, then make the Pixel Offset X: 0 and the Y: 0 as well.  Change your colour to what you want (in this case : Kraft) ~ ok
  5. Done, you can now copy and paste as many times as you want.  To make the "ink" appear darker, copy,paste and place on top of the first layer.
TTFN! Photobucket


  1. so cool! Thanks for posting the directions too! Miss you, Julie!

  2. Love the card. Which option did you use for the polka dots on the left hand side?

  3. Too kewl - thanks for the detailed instructions; I'm off to try it too!