Sunday, 17 April 2011

Nothing to do with Stamping but rather happened while I was stamping :-)

Yesterday evening I hosted my monthly stamp-a-stack and as we all know,  girls getting together, card making, crafting... well we needed a 'sweet' snack (jelly beans) and monkey knew that we would have some left. 

After asking him XX amount of times to clean up his toys and put them away or I would clean it up for him (and they would disappear for EVER!!!!, lol) I ended up bribing him with those jelly beans :-)

I forgot that he still 6 years old and since he knew that the longer he took to clean up, the less candy he would have left as I am just picking away at his little bowl (I know, I am the meanest mom ever...).. only took him 4 minutes!!!

Here is the result of him picking up and removing the toys from the floor and putting them away :-) (I never said pile and he did not even take the time to use the plastic bins... half of them are still empty)
Come back tomorrow for more crafting projects / cards!!! Photobucket

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