Thursday, 30 June 2011

MDS version of page 21 in June's Stampin'Success

But, what is Stampin'Success might you ask! It is a monthly magazine that every demonstrator gets via snail mail that includes tips, ideas, contests details, winners and deadlines as well as sneak peeks of the upcoming promotions and new projects... All of it can be delivered to your door for FREE if you just say yes :-) and join my team today!

Remember your quarterly requirement is only $400 and you can get your friends to help you get there, and get a MINIMUM of 20% on ALL YOUR ORDERS or do like I did for the first 3 years and keep it all for yourself, bwahahahah!!! (evil laugh, lol) yeah, like I can be evil ;-)

On a less scary note, here is the "Digitally Cased" version of Stampin'Success...

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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Really need to go to work... getting ready for the long week-end!

So before I go, here is another one of the cards that we made in London...

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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Bonne Fête... Love my new punch!

Why work hard when you can work smart? (is that okay!)
How cute is this... completely copied / cased for Heather Summers mini card done a few weeks back!

See "cute" version and now my Full version and by full I mean a regular sized card and a fake button to facilitate the mailing process (if that ever gets resolved, lol!!! )
 Cute version... + new in colours and new punch sneak peek
 Full version with fake button... + retiring DSP

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Monday, 27 June 2011

Animal Stories... thank you cards

I have to thank my downline Pam for giving me a hand with this as I tend not to play in my craftroom by myself anymore.  I just like her company too much :-)

So, 4 teachers gifts, 24 baby thank you cards, and 3 pizzas later I feel like I am finally getting some crafting done.

These are for Sandra C. (a girl I worked with before baby came) and as you can probably guess by the colours used, had a beautiful boy... She is coming for a visit today and she will be able to use them however she wants.  Hope she'll like them!
I used Confetti White CS and Ballet Blue CS and Classic Ink(retired) as well as a touch of Bashful Blue.  This Animal  Stories stamp set is on the retiring list therefore, if you like it and want one, you have until June 30th to order it through me.

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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Are you ready for next SUNDAY!!! Catty Launch and "Bogo" sale!!!

Lots of words here but if you don't read all of it, you might end up kicking yourself for missing out on my great deals...
***Come say goodbye to all of my Stampin' Up!'s retired stamps, tools and accessories and get yourself a great deal!
Drop in between 10 am and 3 pm on Sunday July 3rd, 2011 and bring your friends - no RSVP is required for this event.

You can stamp a free card, get a chance to play with My Digital Studio (MDS) enter my draw for a gift basket of Stampin' Up! products, see how easy it is to use the Big Shot and if you put a $50 order in(Before tax and shipping) you get to keep the new idea book and catalogue...

That's not all... you get to browse through all the retired stamp sets, inks, designer paper, card stock packs, punches that I'm selling off: pick anything you want, place an order from the current Catty or Summer Mini for an equal or greater amount, and take the retired stuff home for free!  Almost sounds like buy 1 get one free :-) But wait, that's not all...

Since I want to meet your friends too and I just love seeing people smile when they get more free stuff, book a Stamp Party through me and pick another gift out of my "Reserved for Hostess Basket" which will be handed to you the night of your party. You will only need to pick a date that will fit your schedule, invite a few friends over for an evening away from home, a few chairs, a table, light snacks and refreshments... I will provide all the rest, even send out the invitations for you. Easy enough :-)

If you also decide to sign up, as a new recruit, you will get a gift from me up to a value of $20 from the current catalogue and / or mini on top of all the goodies that Stampin'Up! has to offer!  But that's not all...

How kewl is that!!! ... See you on Sunday 3rd of July ***Till then, happy Stamping and remember to have fun!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Another one for Ronald :-)

This one was done on the fly as well... not by me though but I like it and decided to share it too!!! How neat... textures, ribbon and one sentiment and voilà, done :-)
imagine all the possibilities :-)

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Friday, 24 June 2011

Personalized teacher's gifts... Have you got that check off your list?

Not yet!?!
No worries.  I am hosting a "last Minute" class this Saturday June 25th to help you with this issue, lol.  Pick your time.  10 am or 1 pm.

The cost is $15 per gift set which will include a personalized case, cards, envelopes and of course, the matching pen!
(Pictures to follow on Tuesday)

Send me an email before Friday to allow me to cut all the supplies as well as know how many sets you will be making.  It'll be fast, cute, easy and FUN!!!
Happy Stamping and remember to have fun!

Franco-fête à l'école L'Odyssée aujourd'hui.

Bonjour à tous, et bien oui, je serai présente à la Franco-fête à l'école L'Odyssée à Guelph, Ontario.  J'aurai avec moi quelques cartes à vendre et vous monter, catalogues, cartes d'affaires et d'autres petits trucs a vous montrer.  Aimeriez-vous obtenir un 10% de rabais sur votre premier achat?  Laissez-moi votre courriel afin de faire partie de ma liste de distribution pour mon "newsletter" et c'est aussi simple que ça!!!

Venez me voir en personne :-) J'y serai dès 17h ce vendredi 24 juin 2011.
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Thursday, 23 June 2011

I wanna have time to play...

And since school is almost out, it can only mean that... YES!!!! no more running around (well not as much as before, woohoo!) So in the mean time, here is another one for Ronald's house (see yesterday's post if you skipped a beat)

Happy Stamping and remember to have fun! Photobucket

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A card for Ronald MacDonald's house of Charity...

As most of you know, I was attending Palooza in Toronto last Saturday.  I spend all day crafting then stayed to listen to Caroline's presentation.... awesome.   This last portion of the day was only open to Demonstrators.  So while waiting for pizza she had us create cards on the fly... using what ever things we had on hand, plus she gave us supplies.  This is one of the cards that came out of it.  Picture is not fantastic but just clear enough for you to get the idea...
I like it, and it is easily reproduce-able :-) What do you think!
Happy Stamping and remember to have fun! Photobucket

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

It's Tuesday... Teacher's gift.

As promised earlier this week, here is the gift box in question.  Now, you still have until Friday to let me know if you are coming and I will have everything ready for you to put  together at my house or take it with you and assemble it in yours... Told you... personalized, affordable, Easy, Fast and FUN!!!!
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Monday, 20 June 2011

Artisan Submission for 2011...

It's official... I didn't make it in the top 10, and you know, I am okay with that because I was aiming at being in the finalists list.  Why?  Cause, this year's goal for me is to see my name on the Big screen at Convention.  I know, I am soooooo difficult to please, lol!!!!

Sure winning would have been nice but the winners have been at it for way longer than I have and they deserved it.  I recognized a few names and I just can't wait to see their projects on display!  Woohoo!!!

Anywho, I will let you know if I did make it on the screen and after that, I'll show you what I did by sharing pictures of my projects that will have made it on their displays :-)

But for now...just a peek:-)
Happy Stamping and remember to have fun! Photobucket

Saturday, 18 June 2011


Hmmm... Dear Stamper, By the time you read these lines I'll be Paloozing :-) in TO!!!
This card was received at Heather's event in London and the 'creator' has not left her name on it! June 21st update, lol! I found her name... Lesley Pergau :-) Thank you Lesley!
If it is you, email me and I'll fix it!
Happy Stamping and remember to have fun! Photobucket

Friday, 17 June 2011

Just a picture... While I am getting ready for Palooza :-)

Hope you guys have a great Friday!  Here is my inspiration for my last Digital Card (scroll down to 3 posts ago, lol)
Happy Stamping and remember to have fun! Photobucket

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Open Sea... from London :-)

Told you that I would be doing that :-)
Here another card from Heather's event!  Enjoy!
Remember to order your "Open Sea" stamp set as well as the Nautical DSP before it is gone!

Happy Stamping and remember to have fun! Photobucket

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Learn how to colour without Paying a fortune...

Here is another card that we made at Heather's event in London over the week-end. Did you know that you can achieve similar result than those very expensive Markers (the ones that start with "C") with our Stampin'Write markers and porous paper?  Well, you can. :-)

Want me to show you how? and for free?  Okay, just order your favorite stamp set out of ANY current catalogue through me (minimum order value of $20.95 before taxes and shipping) and a pad of black Stazon ink (#101406).  Come pay me a visit on Friday July 22nd @ 7:30pm and we will colour till we can't colour no more, lol!

Quick this offer is only valid if you order before June 30th.

See you soon!

Happy Stamping and remember to have fun! Photobucket

Monday, 13 June 2011

Back with MDS...

THis is one of the cards we made in London... one timy difference, we used real card stock and paper.  This one is all done using My Digital Studio!  Thanks Heather, you can bet that I will be posting both versions in the upcoming weeks!

Until the next one, happy Stamping and remember to have fun! Photobucket

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Swap out in London...

I wish I could say that it was ALL my idea but not this one!  Colours, layout came from one of Teneale's card.  Such a talented person...
Now, it's your turn to get inspired and create! TTFN!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

I am in LONDON, ON spending some time with Heather :-)

What this means is that I will have some NEW projects to share with you very soon!!!
Today, I am again borrowing Marelle Taylor's idea.

Happy Stamping and remember to have fun! Photobucket

Friday, 10 June 2011

Another one from my stash...

This one has been staring at me since last September when I when to Regionals in Hamitlon, ON.  I loved all the projects that SU came up with using this stamp set...
This layout and the little clip... oh, so perfect!

Happy Stamping and remember to have fun! Photobucket

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Okay, I am back... (Kinda)

Just to keep all of you interested and curious, I am posting pictures while I play with my new stuff!!! Just came in today and I can hardly wait to create and start posting something new, just for you :-)

In the mean time, a few repeats and cased cards!  Hope you'll enjoy!
This card is a wasp card that I got at Convention last summer from Kathy Hilden. 
Happy Stamping and remember to have fun! Photobucket

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Bad Weather... fun crafting time with one of my downline:-)

Today i really needed to be motivated to go back to my crafting space as I feel that I have been slacking (really) off lately.  I have been doing a lot of planning in my head and not sharing a lot of the info.  Result?  It has been really quiet, lol!

Anyhow, I had Pam come to my Birthday Class today and after class we just kept on crafting! The fun thing is that we also watched a movie and did 4 extra cards.  It took us all afternoon and I had we had  a blast! 

Since we didn't plan on this to happen, I needed a quick idea and just decided to play with one of the SAB set form this year.  Marelle created 4 cards using it and we copied (with very minor differences) her cards.  Here is one of them.

Happy Stamping and remember to have fun! Photobucket

Friday, 3 June 2011

But he was so young!

Just one quick picture today...  A colleague from work is going through a very difficult time in her life right now.  No one saw this coming.  He was 39.