Monday, 4 July 2011

Did you know... Hobbies for Happiness...

Make room in your life for pastimes you choose.  It can improve your health and your mood.

Many of us believe that because we hardly have time to pay the bills or eat breakfast sitting down we couldn’t possibly have time to find a hobby to appreciate.  Researchers have found that hobbies not only boost your mood, but they can help your physical health too.  Studies found that who spend time in their hobbies lower their risk of heart disorders when compared to those continuously working for very long hours.  Not convinced hobbies are worth it?  Consider these reasons.

Hobbies can relax your mind by staying out of work and concentrating on a thing you like. Thus they can help you reduce your stress level.  Hobbies are very similar to meditation. Both in meditation and hobby you try to reach a common goal, happiness.  There are no rules when it comes to choosing a hobby.  It my be gardening or watching good movies or wood carving or listening to music or reading books or even it may be sleeping.  Think of them as a social or even family opportunity.  You can spend time with your children while completing tasks together.  Hobbies lead you a path to your happiness and also to the happiness of your family.

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