Sunday, 24 July 2011

Yesterday's Stamp-a-Stack... Inspired by talented Demos :-)

Here is a quick group picture of the cards that everyone got to take home :-)  10 in total with envies (unless you are in my downline then you get a special price and no envies, that way it will count towards your sales)
This next picture is the way I had everything set up!  5 stations and you get to move around the table.  Now you know why I only usually let 5 people come at a time.  That being said, I have another table that I can use and I could accommodate 8 people no problem... no more than 8 though unless you are willing to bring your own chair, lol!
Well, yesterday was quieter as it is summer, people are away on vacation so since it was a smaller group, we got a special treat... I wish I could share but don't know if I should.  I'll give you hints... it was in a liquid form, it was served "chilled" in a wine glass ;-)

RSVP now for the next one on August 20th by clicking HERE.
Happy Stamping and remember to have fun! Photobucket

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