Thursday, 25 August 2011

Some weird news :-(

Weird in a sense... I won't be able to post until we get a new modem... You guys might have been able to take a look at the light show that was happening last evening and then... poof! Nothing. When the power came back , we had no more internet :-(  We called the provider today and turns out, our modem is now 'fried'.  They are sending in a new one but that will take a few days.

If I can go somewhere and connect for free with my laptop I might be able to get something new posted but With everything I have plan for  this week end, I can't really promise anything and don't really see myself going out for coffee, with monkey and start working away, lol!  Bow-ring, as he would say! And I can't connect with the laptop at the office either.

So hang in there, remember my "mini" sneak peek on Saturday morning at 10 and my just kids birthday cards class at 2 pm.

I'll be waiting for you :-) Just send me a text message @ 519-803-0542 to let me know if you want to come.

See you soon!
Happy Stamping and remember to have fun! Photobucket

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