Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Did you know that you can get more FREE stuff... allowing me to do a private class or a workshop for you and your friends?
Seriously? you did not know that?
Well, let me quickly walk you through it:-)
  1. Say yes, lol!
  2. Pick a date (evening or week end in October 2011)
  3. I'll give you your catalogue FOR FREE so that you can start making your wish list
  4. Pick a stamp set from MY STASH FOR FREE, I'll bring it to your place on the day that you selected
  5. Then pick your number... your what?Your hostess Spending money :-)
You always wanted that Big Shot but just couldn't justify the expense to your better half? Now, they will be okay with you only spending $60 for it and getting over $150 in free stuff just for having a party of $525, lol! Easy !
Once you know what you want, lets get the party started and get you all those goodies for free! Your friends are not the crafting kind? no worries.  Invite them. Do they make cookies? Yes, well Starting October 1st, they will be able to purchase a SWEET PRESS COOKIE STAMPS... Yeah! (and then we will get them hooked too, lol). They don't make cookies, we will find something for the non crafty / baking kind!

So, call me today and let's get bakin' and Crafting!!!

till then, Happy Stamping and remember to have fun!

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