Thursday, 15 December 2011

Congratulations and welcome to my team are in order :-)

Happy Thursday (wow, where has this week gone?)

I want to congratulate 2 of my team members (Kim Morrow and Teresa Fonte) for reaching the first Stampin'Up! milestone in the last couple of weeks for promoting to Senior Associate... yeah you(s) and I am a proud of you and to be your upline and thank you for being a member of my "Kewl"Inkings team.
I'll have to think of a little gift... hang in there, it's!

Also, I want to welcome to my team: Maria Suppa, Dion Pacheco and Daniel DeBie... You girls rock...
I am super happy that we now have this extra little thing in common that is Stampin'Up! 

To ALL my team members (and future ones too)... I will be scheduling a gathering of some kind soon (end of January probably) where we will get to play, eat, maybe have a little drink;) and craft for sure.... talk business, share tips and I will be launching my 'rewards plan' as well...Keep your eyes and ears open!!!!
Now a cute Christmas card too...

Happy Creating and always remember to have fun! Photobucket

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