Sunday, 19 February 2012

Ever wonder...

How I run my Stamp-a-Stack?  Well, this is how I started setting up yesterday.  I have 5 stations and people move around. 

Yesterday, I was expecting more than 5 people so I changed things up a little... I wanted to make sure that 2 people could play at each station at a time so that no one would have to wait!!! 

It worked great! and the ladies seamed to enjoy the projects, so that made me happy! (I am telling you, a smile goes a long way!)

Here is a picture of the "Before" ... note to self, I need 2 more chairs so that the chairs don't need to be moved, lol!
And "During"...
We have Cathy, Deanna, Delaney and Pamela.
 As well as Samantha, Sandra and Pamela.
So, will I be seeing you next month?  I sure hope so!  March 17th @ 7pm there will be cake (or something sweet) and If I have enough of you that give me a heads up, I might even do a group in the afternoon from 2 pm till 4!!!  Mark your calendars quick!

There will be an additional table set up and if you want, you can make 2 scrapbook layout that night too!!!
Happy Creating and always remember to have fun! Photobucket
My tool box :-)
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