Saturday, 27 October 2012

You know that oooooohhh!!!! feeling ;)?

You know... you're doing something then turn around and on your way to whatever it was that you turned around for, you see something else and "BAM" you get that creative urge, lol!!!
Any ways, that's the day that I am having.  On my "To do" list ;
Get kits ready for Stamp Camp next week end ;) that was my plan...

They are half done... Still prepping for the 'surprise projects... I can't share those yet.  Only attendees will see them, lol!!!

Ok, I am off track again...  I also ended up;
  • Packaging cards for the craft show on the 24th.
  • Finishing cards from previous classes...
  • doing video tutorials of those cards, lol!!! (5 so far)
  • saw pencils, turned them into Halloween gifts for 22 kids (my son's class)
These last ones are 'recycled' from last year (you read that right) last year's teacher didn't give those out to the kids in Gabriel's class so he had to take them home... how sad ;(  FYI, he no longer goes to that school.

So, pencils, bags and tags! All I need to add is;
  •  Broom effect, 
  • Boo label, 
  • googly eyes and baker's twine, 
and off we go, paper snippin' away!

Happy Creating and always remember to have fun! Photobucket
My tool box :-)
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