Saturday, 20 July 2013

Team Canada... Yes I'm one of the nominated member :)

I haven't shared much in the last little while and I am not making excuses for it.... being crafty, non-stop and motivate others is hard work... I LOVE crafting and when you start struggling, better take a little breather before you start hating it!
So this is what I HAVEN'T been doing... for the last 2 years, I did not enter the artisan contest... I was a finalist in 2011 and that was one of my goals.  I have not been recruiting people to grow my team... I love spending time with you gals but right now, finding my own motivation has been really hard.  Didn't want my 'negativity' to rub off on you.  I couldn't sell water to a dehydrated camel...My sales are down... why?  Because I am not pushy and would rather see people 'use' their stuff than to buy something that will just sit in a box and have them resent me for that, lol!
But today, I feel a bit happier... I made this card for the "Team Canada" swap... It was a small group so I thought... what the eh! ;)...
So I made 10 of these cards and am swapping them with other members of the team :)

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Stamping Hugs... Photobucket
My tool box :-)
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