Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Perfect time of the year... start shopping for Xmas!

This is an old post.  I thought that since I still have Bow makers for sale, sharing this information might be useful, lol!
This is a fun video... This one shows you how to make a double bow :-) Enjoy!

I did have to up my prices because shipping has gone up quite a bit... as an exemple, to the USA is now $14.58 Canadian.  Because it is no one's fault, I am only increasing the total by $3.  Hoping to sell all 14 bow makers I have left.  If you are in the Guelph Area, email me instead, maybe we could meet and all save a few $ ;)
Wood Bow Maker
Stamping Hugs... Photobucket
My tool box :-)
Contact me today to get yours -n- get a permanent $5 discount on ALL of my classes for the next 12 months (that is worth at least $60 off your classes!!! Wow! ).

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