Friday, 16 May 2014

Endless Birthday Wishes (from Stampin'Up!'s blog)

Hello stampers, for those of you who know me, you know that I am a HUGE FAN of stamp set with words.  These types of stamp sets are the ones that I just can't part with (I eventually do let them go, but it takes me a while, lol!). When I saw the following post on the Stampin'Up! website, I just gave in and put in an order :)... can't wait for it to be here!!!! So today I simply copied and pasted the post from the Stampin'Up! Website!... Enjoy!

"Working for Stampin’ Up! is an incredible experience. There are so many great opportunities—such as the chance to design stamp sets. Our employees and demonstrators have accepted me into the Stampin’ Up! family and have embraced my unique skills and abilities. I’m continually growing as a person and an artist. I feel blessed to be a part of something so amazing!
I’m excited to share our newest photopolymer set, Endless Birthday Wishes (Item# 137553), which includes some of my handwritten words and drawings. It’s similar to the set we offered for the holidays last year called Endless Wishes. The concept is that you can build lots of different birthday greetings (and more) by combining the handwritten words with typed words and phrases. And with photopolymer stamps (US/CA), grouping words and phrases together is simple.

Enjoy! I’m excited to see what you make with this new set.
Jen C.
Concept Artist"
Stamping Hugs...

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