Monday, 15 February 2016

A post about something else :) and SOoooo exciting!

So as you know, this is my last year paying for websites, lol!
In our days, most people are going directly to Pinterest for ideas, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for news :)... So the way I see it is; I am spending money and not feeling that this is well spent.

I am keeping my blog though!!! but it will revert to the free version, lol!

At the same time, "my" brand or name of this blog is... Kewl (sounds like cool) stamps AND MORE!!!! Woohoo! ;)

So this is my first post about the "MORE" part! Hope you like it!

Today, I decided to join Jamberry Nails! Why? because I like pretty things (and when I look at my fingers, I want them to be pretty too!) I have always been the kind of person that loves freshly done manicures but couldn't justify spending $50-$60 every other week to get them done at the salon Plus, I like changing things up often, so this was definitively not the right option for me!

That is why I started playing with nail polishes!

But nail polishes can only last so long and if you are in a hurry, you often don't let them dry long enough so you end up, messing them up :( I stopped counting how many times I had bed sheets prints on them ;)...
Here comes the wrap to the rescue, lol! No Drying time, no chipping, smudges, and so on!
This is so easy, the hardest part will be to leave them alone for more than one week, lol! SO MANY PRETTY PATTERNS!!!! I want to try them all, lol!
Average cost for a full mani/pedi?... well, if you take advantage of the buy 3 get one free, and knowing that a sheet will do 2 full mani/pedi... that is $6.56 plus taxes!!!! you can't beat that! :)
I think I did pretty good for a first time applying them!!! It can only get better from now on! :)  It was So hard to pick just one, I couldn't... so I didn't!
I am wearing, Party Dress TruShine Gel, Black Cherry TruShine Gel, Paper Hearts Wraps.

Feel free to email me for a catalogue or to host a party! (online or in home, your call!)


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