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See how easy they really are and what I mean right HERE!
If you want a kit this month, sign up by the 10th of the month to get the December's Paper Pumpkin kit.  I can't wait to see what it will be!
Check out the cute cards made with PreviousPaper Pumpkin kit (an all inclusive kit that is shipped right to your door every month)!  ... I am so excited to share the November kit with you!!! so Pretty! 

 You can easily change up the colours and add a bit of seam binding ribbon, and a hint of white gel pen. I just love how adorable these cards are.
The picture below is the way the instructions say to do the cards. I love the one with the preprinted Watercolour Wash base the best.  And of course you can stamp the matching envelopes (that also come with your kit).  And this stamp set is a keeper! 

  • Get your Friends together to share and make the kit contents together... (there is enough for 3 to 5 friends)
  • Or have each of your friends get their own kits and have a crafting day!!!
  • Take your kit on the road ... the cottage, on holidays or grandmas
  • Put aside time each month for you, to do something you love!
  • Give a pre-paid subscription as a gift! Your niece or daughter and their friends will love you! 

The kits are always a surprise each mont. I can't wait till I get my new box! They ship it right to your door (Shipping is already included in the price) and the projects are mostly cards with a few  3-D items like tags or boxes. Of course, you can always adapt the ideas to make what you want. I'll send you a monthly email that points out some alternate  ideas :)

Q: How many prepaid months can I purchase at once?
A: You can select a subscription for one, three, six, or 12 months.
Q: Is there a discount for ordering a higher number of months at once?A: Yes. When you order a six-month subscription, you save $1 per month, and when you order a 12-month subscription, you save $2 per month.
Q: Can I order more than one prepaid subscription at once?
A: No. You will need to purchase an additional subscription once the current one expires.
Q: How are prepaid subscriptions redeemed?A: When the order is paid for and closed, you will receive an e-mail with a redemption code and instructions on how to redeem. The e-mail will guide you to where you will enter your code. The system will recognize how many months you purchased.  Be sure to enter all the information on the site so when your subscription runs out, you can continue to receive Paper Pumpkin kits without interruption.
Q: Can I change my current subscription to a prepaid subscription?A: Of course! After you order and enter the code, the prepaid months will be used up before any future shipments are charged. When the prepaid months are over, the subscription will continue and be charged monthly to the credit card on file. Keep in mind that if your subscription is with a demonstrator, the existing subscription will remain with the original demonstrator.
Q: Can a prepaid subscription be ordered as a gift?A: Yes. Although this isn't officially a gift subscription program, you can buy a prepaid subscription and give it as a gift. You'd just purchase the prepaid subscription and when you receive the redemption code, share it with the recipient of your choice who can redeem the subscription at One thing to keep in mind is that the redemption codes will not work across borders. (So, someone in Canada could not gift a subscription to someone is the US and vice versa.)
Q: What happens when a prepaid subscription is not redeemed?A: Codes will expire after three years. At that time they will be turned over as unclaimed property.
Q: What comes in my Paper Pumpkin?
A: It's a surprise each month-anticipation for the surprise is seriously half the fun! No worries, though, you'll have everything you need to complete the project: paper, stamps, ink, accessories, and more! (You will need adhesive and scisors.)
Q: Does my Paper Pumpkin project come with instructions?
 Yes, of course it does. The instructions will tell you everything you need to know. And they are so easy to follow-we promise.
Q: How long will it take to make each Paper Pumpkin project?
 We know you wish you had unlimited creativity time (we all do), but since you probably don't, we designed each Paper Pumpkin to be completed in about 30 minutes or less! 
Q: Should I get on the Paper Pumpkin carriage?
 Definitely, yes. Just think of it-a Stampin' Up! surprise delivered to your doorstep every month (wahooo!) Paper Pumpkin offers a simple, creative experience each month. What's more-sometimes, your monthly kit features . . . wait for it . . . some exclusive products you can only get through Paper Pumpkin. Try it and see what you think. You can cancel your membership any time. (Sounds like something you'd tell your customers, doesn't it?) 
Q: How much does a Paper Pumpkin membership cost each month?
A: Paper Pumpkin is $24.95 per month. 
Q: When does my membership expire?
 Your membership will last until you cancel it.
Q: When do I need to sign up in order to get my Paper Pumpkin?
 You need to sign up by the 10th of the month in order to receive your Paper Pumpkin for that month. If you sign up after the 10th, no worries! You will get your first kit the following month. You'll know your Paper Pumpkin is on its way when you receive your shipment confirmation e-mail.
Q: Can I skip a month?
A: You sure can! Simply log on to your account and click "manage my pumpkin", then click "skip a month" on or before the 10th of the month in order to skip the Paper Pumpkin for that month. If you do this on the 11th of the month, you will receive that month's Paper Pumpkin and not receive the following month's Paper Pumpkin.
Q: What if I want to cancel my membership?
A: You must submit a 10-page essay about why you would ever want to do such a crazy thing. (Just kidding.) It's simple. Simply log on to your account and click "manage my pumpkin", then click "cancel" on or before the 10th of the month in order to cancel completely. Then, you will not receive any more Paper Pumpkin kits (how sad). If you cancel on the 11th of the month, you'll receive that month's Paper Pumpkin and will not receive any more Paper Pumpkin kits.
Q: What is the return policy?
A: If you are not thrilled with your Paper Pumpkin, please call us at 1-800-STAMP UP, we'll chat and make everything hunky dory.
Q: Is there any other way to buy monthly Paper Pumpkin kits?
A: If you are an active Paper Pumpkin subscriber, you can purchase a limited selection of past kits. Learn more here.
Q: How do I see the upcoming Paper Pumpkin kits?
A: One of the best parts of your Paper Pumpkin membership is that you never know what is going to be in that beautiful red box. It's like opening a present every month-we don't want to ruin the surprise for you! 
Q: When will the package arrive?
 Your Paper Pumpkin will ship from the Stampin' Up! warehouse on or around the 15th of the month. You will get an e-mail notifying you that your card has been charged-expect your Paper Pumpkin soon!
Q: What if the package never comes?
 If your Paper Pumpkin does not arrive on your doorstep please call us at 1-800-STAMP UP, and one of our friendly customer service agents will help you.
Q: Is Paper Pumpkin available in Quebec?
A: Paper Pumpkin is not currently available in Quebec. We'll let you know if that changes.

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